Camera Crew Story: Solar Systems

The Dream Engine camera crew embarked on an interstellar video for the Solar Systems company in Melbourne.

The Brief

Dream Engine was hired to deliver a high quality video showing off their ultra high efficiency concentrating photovoltaic power generation system, or CPV for short. These CPV systems are essentially large solar dish arrays that produce sustainable energy. The client required educational, engaging and professional videos to display to prospective customers at sales expos and on their website.
To properly do justice to the scale and technological wonder of these machines and their manufacturers through video, we would need some special equipment and techniques.

Industrial clients video

Industrial video

The Process

The first part of the video production process was creating a production brief. This would ensure that right form the start, were were on the same page as the clients. We ensured we had all the information we needed, such as how the business worked, what exactly they wanted from the video and what/when we could shoot. Because Dream Engine has worked with industrial clients many times before, this process was quick and hassle free.
We shot over two days at their Abbottsford manufacturing plant in Melbourne, as well as in the Victorian countryside to film their solar dish array in Bridgewater. This would make sure that the video displayed not only their cutting edge research and development facilities, but also their products in action.
One great technique we used to make the video dynamic and interesting was time-lapse. This technique involves shooting a continuous video for several hours and then speeding it up in the editing room, so it only runs for several seconds in the video. To make this already stunning visual piece even more engaging, we used a camera slider at the same time. So not only would the video show a fast paced version of the sun setting, but it would also move horizontally, showing off the full scale of the Bridgewater facility.

Industrial Client

The Human Element

At their plant in Abbottsford, we decided to show a few great scenes of various team members creating their products. By showing the human element of their business, the audience can relate to the people, the business and finally the product. It also gives the viewer the feeling of having a private tour of the plant, which will keep their attention firmly on the video and message.
We finished off the video with some a dramatic score that will illicit real emotion and wonder from anyone who views the video, leaving them with a memorable impression of the business and product.
Solar Systems were extremely happy with the video and were very excited to being showing the video to their clients and customers around the country. The process was smooth, professional and hassle free. The perfect job.
If you want to show off your business or products with a visually engaging and stimulating video, please contact Ryan at Dream Engine today.