Camera Crew Australia


If you’re from a marketing company, a creative agency, or a corporate business that works internationally, and you need to hire an Australian camera crew, we can supply you with the team you need. With over eighteen years of experience, no matter where you need a camera crew in Australia, we’ve got the resources and knowledge to get you the right result.

What you need from your camera crew in Australia

Any time you hire an external provider, you’re hiring people who reflect on you and your business. Therefore, your providers need to be:

∙ Flexible, to ensure that they can deal with any last-minute schedule changes or adjustments;

∙ Professional, so that you can rely on them to impress your clients if you’re not present on the shoot

But in our experience, it’s our attention to detail and planning that separates us from other camera crews in Australia.

Our attention to detail

Because of our extensive experience in the industry around Australia, we know the right questions to ask, so that we understand exactly what kind of footage you require, long before the cameras start rolling. Do you need a camera crew to record an event? To shoot interviews? Or film in a documentary-style setup? Our team will deliver you exactly what you need – and that’s our guarantee.
We provide you with camera crews that feel like they’re part of your close-knit team. Our camera crews are highly organised, and we pride ourselves on our communication – so we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way. Working with one of our camera crews is the closest thing to being on-set.

The equipment our camera crew uses

Our camera crews in Australia are equipped with the latest in technology. High definition cameras, high quality lenses, and specialty audio gear means that we deliver international standard footage and audio. And thanks to our attention to detail, we ensure our team is equipped with the right gear to capture what you need.

Examples of our work around Australia

Our camera crews work Australia-wide. To give you an idea of how much we work, here is a selection of interstate work we completed last year:

Brisbane – Event Video for Shell Australia

The Brief: “We need an experienced and reliable camera crew to film an event with multiple cameras, capturing the presentations on-stage as well as cutaways of the location and the crowd.”
Our camera crew delivered: Beautiful event footage that perfectly captured the event at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Queensland.

Hobart – Corporate Documentary for IBM Australia

The Brief: “We’re creating a video that utilises footage from around the world. We need a camera crew in Hobart to film high-definition interviews with employees of one of our affiliated businesses.”
Our camera crew delivered: Footage to IBM that was on par with, or better than, anything they had received from around the world.

Perth – Camera crew interviews

The Brief: “Shoot interviews and cutaways of one of our Perth-based clients. We need you to supply us with the footage via courier on the day of shooting.”
Our camera crew delivered: Crisp interview and cutaway footage, delivered straight away so that our client could begin the editing process instantaneously.

Sydney – Shooting a TVC for Cincotta Chemists

The Brief: “We are looking for an Australian camera crew to shoot a video production in Sydney. They need to be able to work to a strict deadline for this television commercial. We’ll be shooting on a shop floor, so lighting will be difficult but the results must be spectacular.”
Our camera crew delivered: Stunning, broadcast-quality footage, shot inside a busy, functioning chemist. Our camera crew dealt with variable natural lighting, an uncompromising shooting schedule, and a shot list that often required on-the-spot improvisation.

Melbourne – Documentary footage for the BBC

The Brief: “We need an Australian camera crew to shoot an interview for one of our web television shows. Please capture footage of the interviewee in Apple ProRes 422 HQ, and record extra shots of photos, books and items that are relevant to the story. Also, our producer in the UK needs to be hooked up to the interviewee via earpiece. Do you have the capacity to do this?”
Our camera crew delivered: Broadcast-quality footage and audio to the BBC via hard drive, and the opportunity for the overseas producer to conduct the interview live from Great Britain via satellite phone.

Booking a camera crew in Australia

Receiving beautiful footage quickly from Australia isn’t a pipe-dream.  To book a camera crew for your upcoming shoot in Australia, contact us today.