Gear List


We choose from a range of Sony Cameras that we match to the requirements of your project. From the Sony XDCam 700 for high end broadcast, The Sony FS5 for 4k, and the Sony A7s for web, low-light and camera stabiliser work.

We deliver footage in the exact format you require. Whether it’s PAL, NTSC, S-LOG, Prores, DNxHD, or low-res proxy files to get your offline edit started fast.01


We own a set of CineAlta Sony PL Prime Lenses, which help create spectacular images. We also have an extensive collection of Canon L-Series lenses that we draw from., including the 16-35, 24-70, 24-105, and 70-200. In addition, we have an interesting collection of ultra-prime lenses to achieve an extreme shallow depth of field look.02


While a number of camera operators have switched to LED panels, we still believe that nothing beats the look of Kino Divalites. We own a number of Kino Divalite 201s that really excel in lighting interviews. We also have a collection of Dedolights which we love using as well. Our collection rounded out with a redhead kit, and LED panels for working fast.03


Our crews always come equipped with a Miller tripod, Atomos Shogun, and Macbook Pro. We also have a collection of other tools you can request like camera sliders, mini crane, autocue, DJI Ronin. For location filming we’re equipped with an off-road crew vehicle for remote shoots.04