Camera Crew Case Study – IBM Australia

IBM Australia hires Dream Engine’s camera crew regularly to service all of their needs in Melbourne. As IBM’s in-house videographers are based in Sydney, they are unable to fly regularly to-and-from Melbourne. Dream Engine provides IBM with an outsourced video production crew in Melbourne.

Why does IBM hire Dream Engine camera crews?

Dream Engine has worked for IBM on numerous occasions on a wide variety of videos, incorporating a range of different technology and set-ups.


Our camera crew is equipped to record in a mobile HD green screen setup. Our comprehensive lighting kit means that we can quickly and easily set up studio-style green screen.

Dream Engine Greenscreen Setup


Autocue is a constant feature of our camera crew kit. It’s simple for us to set up, and it’s an asset that has a massive effect on the comfort of IBM’s on-screen presenters. Using our autocue means that presenters don’t need to memorise large chunks of text, putting them at ease whilst they’re in front of the camera.


One of our camera crew’s specialities is lighting interviews. We’ve refined our interview lighting setup over a decade, and can record interviews in a multi-camera setup to make them easier to cut. This is a form of quality control for IBM: they know that our camera crew will supply them with professionally lit and produced multi-camera interviews.

Dream Engine Camera Crew shooting for IBM

Rob Brown, the head of IBM’s Grafix Lab, trusts our camera crew to regularly film for IBM in Melbourne. He relies on our camera crews to understand their system, to understand the requirements of each individual shoot, and to make the creative process run smoothly for IBM and their clients.
Knowing that IBM has access to a reliable camera crew in Melbourne is ease of mind for IBM, and as Rob states, “it saves IBM money by not having to fly me down.”
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