Promotional Video – East Melbourne Public Library


Dream Engine recently put together a camera crew in Melbourne to shoot a promotional video for Public Libraries Victoria.

We shot on a PMW-F3 – Sony’s professional 35mm handheld digital video camera. It was great working with this camera. The images it produces are superb. We used their Zeiss 3 lens prime kit. It’s size also makes it very portable, allowing us to move through a number of shooting locations quickly, and to be able to shoot handheld in enclosed areas.
Since the camera shoots in 4:2:2 colour space it gave us a lot of breadth in the grading.
We shot at the East Melbourne public library – a beautiful, modern building with large windows and plenty of diffused daylight.
We put together a great camera crew featuring director, DOP, camera assistant, continuity, and make-up.
There was no sync sound to be recorded, which made our job easier, and staff in the East Melbourne public library could continue to go about their business.