Camera Crew Story – Diamond Protection


Dream Engine recently supplied crew to an exciting shoot for Melbourne-based private security firm Diamond Protection.

The Brief

The brief was to demonstrate the kind of efficient and comprehensive work that Diamond Protection completes for their clients. Their expert crew provides security, fire-fighting, and medical services to important installations Australia-wide.

Building our Camera Crew kit

We decided that the best way to capture Diamond Protection’s work was with a very free-flowing style. We put together a three-person camera crew that included a glidecam operator, shooting on a Canon 5d Mark II, and a second camera operator who focused on closer detail shots, using a Sony FS100.

We travelled around Melbourne and throughout Victoria to capture staff at work in a variety of their locations. Our camera crew travelled light.
Our glidecam operator was able to move freely throughout the locations, and our client was incredibly happy with the coverage that he was able to get, as operating hand-held allowed him to navigate areas that were unavailable to cameramen using tripods.
Our second camera operator used a collection of Canon L-Series lenses, attached to the FS100 via an adapter, to ensure we recorded comprehensive close-up coverage, to go with the wider shots recorded on the glidecam.


By being fast-moving and shooting with two cameras, our camera crew shot a series of short set-pieces that displayed the impressive work that Diamond Protection does in a visually dynamic style.

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