Camera Crew Story – Event Video for Alienware


Dream Engine recently put together a camera crew to cover Alienware’s presence at the PAX Australia event, held at Flemington Racecourse, just out of Melbourne.

Alienware is a cutting-edge computer hardware brand that has created a distinctive, impressive stand for their “Alienware Roadshow.”
We chose DSLR for the event video. This was because the cameras are small and can easily be moved across the crowded and busy space. Their low-light capability meant that we didn’t need to add a lot of additional light which would have been challenging in that environment.


The key component of our camera crew’s kit was our Canon DSLR, capable of shooting high-definition video with a variety of Canon L-Series lenses. When we needed to capture wider shots, we used our Canon 24-105mm 4.0. When we needed to punch in closer, we used our Canon 70-200mm 2.8. And for low-light shots, we used our crystal-clear 50mm 1.4. It was the perfect package of lenses for our camera crew in this situation.
We knew that PAX Australia would be incredibly busy, so we had to be light on our feet. To this end, we utilised our Manfrotto 682B self-standing monopod for our camera crew. This meant we could move swiftly across the floor, whilst also delivering static shots that were indistinguishable from those shot on a heavy-duty tripod.
We also utilised a slider and our Glidecam HD-4000 for the event video to inject some movement into our event coverage. Our glidecam allowed our camera operator to do walk-throughs of the exhibition floor, whilst our slider was perfect for adding subtle movement to product detail shots – capturing Alienware’s hardware in an interesting way!


About working with the Dream Engine camera crew, our SOTA Creative contact had this to say:

Need a camera crew for an event in Melbourne? Contact us today.

     I want to say how happy we were with the footage Nick and Nathan shot at the PAX event for Dell.  Our Editor especially loved it as he often feels that shots are not held long enough so he was in seventh heaven working with their footage.  Could you please pass on my thanks to them both.
     Looking forward to working with you and the team when we next have work in Melbourne.

   Antonia Norris. Senior Screen Producer, SOTA Creative.