Camera Crew Story: The LAB


The Dream Engine camera crew set out to create a documentary piece that highlighted the effectiveness of the Local Administration Bureau, a resource for small schools to assist with administrative tasks.

The Brief 

“Create a video that shows the benefit of the Local Administration Bureau to schools. The video should highlight the simplicity of working with LAB and the peace of mind it gives our clients”

 The Approach

We decided that creating a documentary style piece for LAB was the best way to convey the message the client wanted. Interviewing LAB clients gave the benefit of a third party delivering the message rather than it coming directly from the client. These testimonials give authority and authenticity to the message as the viewer can relate to the subjects on screen.

The crew used sliders extensively to ensure there was movement in the cutaway footage. This maintains visual interest for the viewer by adding motion and variation. Lighting was also carefully considered to enhance the visuals. The team was careful to make the video look natural. This ensured the message from the interviewees felt genuine. Sincerity adds subtle authority to the meaning we wanted viewers to take from the video.
We used more than one camera in the interviews so we had the flexibility to break up shots. Differing the shot sizes of a subject gives a sense of space and allows us to highlight emotion by getting in close. When the visuals match the emotion the audience stays engaged and the message remains strong.

Sound played an equally important part in making this video. We ensured in the audio mix that the music wasn’t too overbearing and at the same time gave a sense of direction to the story. When the viewer has a sense of direction they stay focused on the message.
The final product achieved what we set out to accomplish from the brief. By using numerous film techniques in the approach we delivered the clients message in a way that was engaging and authentic.
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