Camera operator story: Capturing the City of Port Phillip’s “Smart Travel” Campaign


When the City of Port Phillip launched their “Smart Travel” campaign in 2013, they commissioned two of our Dream Engine camera operators to capture the mood, movement and flow of travelling to work via greener means.

The Brief

“Create a beautiful, fast-paced and engaging video demonstrating the benefits of taking alternative transport to and from work. The video must reflect the “moving” and “active” lifestyle of the subjects.”

Our camera crew’s approach

This video required our camera operators to capture the freedom of alternative forms of travel. We recognised right away that the video would benefit from an active approach to camerawork, rather than simply relying on static tripod shots.
The methods of transport shown in the video – cycling, riding, and walking – are synonymous with movement, and so we utilised a wide range of gear to ensure the video was “free-flowing” and active.


We used our slider to capture most of our wide-angle shots. The right slider, with the right camera, with the right lens, is the perfect way to set a scene for the viewer with subtle, slow, gracious movement that eases them in to a new location.


Our glidecam was perfect for capturing shots of subjects in continuous movement. Our camera crew’s glidecam operator was put to especially good use during the bike vignettes – capturing a range of shots showing a father and his daughter cycling through-out the City of Port Phillip, and along the St Kilda beachfront.


Our coolest piece of equipment was also our smallest! We wanted to give the viewers a cyclist’s-eye view of a ride to work along the beautiful St. Kilda foreshore. To do this, we used our GoPro camera. We rigged it to our cyclist’s bike, recording a range of interesting footage that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

The City of Port Phillip council were delighted with the work our camera operators delivered. Our crew’s work meant that the video was stylish, engaging, and visually interesting, which helps the City of Port Phillip accurately convey the benefits of becoming fitter, healthier, and taking alternative forms of transport to work.
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