Documentary Video Production in the USA


Documentary Video Production: Behind the Scenes

Our director, Ryan Spanger spent 3 weeks in the USA in July 2013 shooting a series of documentary video production about Triathlon Coaches. He travelled to Colorado, Upstate New York, and Texas to interview a number of high-level coaches and their clients.

One of the main challenges was what gear to take. It was important to travel light since they were constantly on the go, and on and off aeroplanes. A kit of compact equipment including Sony FS100 Camera, Dedo lights and LED panels was put together. This helped the crew to achieve great results without being overloaded with gear.

A lightweight Miller tripod made it easier to walk some long distances into National Parks where some of the interviews were filmed.
The video production adopted the documentary style and incorporated these clips into a series of sales videos.
This short video tells the story behind how the documentary video project came about, and how the video will be used.