Camera Crew Story: Event Video at Melbourne Icehouse


In early 2013, Dream Engine supplied a camera crew to record a presentation by Australian Olympian, Steven Bradbury, at Melbourne Icehouse.

The Brief

Our client needed an event video that reflected the fun and excitement of Bradbury’s presentation, as well as the general atmosphere of the event, which included the mingling of guests and an exciting ice-skating routine by some young athletes.
The event itself was being hosted in the middle of the Melbourne Icehouse ice rink, with the skating routine taking place around where the guests were situated.

The Right Camera Kit for the job

We understood that we would be recording a fast-moving event in low light. We used our best cameras for low-light recording – our Sony FS-100 and one of our Canon DSLRs. The lenses that we use on these cameras are outstanding at working in locations that would otherwise be too dark to record in. This allowed us to record clean, high-definition footage, despite the lack of light.
Another benefit of these cameras is that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing us to move lightly and quickly throughout the event. Because of this, we were able to capture the footage that we needed whilst also being unobtrusive. This is something that is very important to our clients who hire our camera crew to record their event video.

We captured this event with two camera operators, allowing us to record the event from two different angles. One of our camera operators worked inside the ice-rink, capturing close ups of the guests and of the presentation. The other camera operator floated around the outside of the rink, recording wider footage of the atmosphere and focusing on the ice-skating routine.
By using two camera operators, we maximised our time at the event, allowing us to capture sufficient footage inside a tight time-frame.
The speech was the most important part of the afternoon, so we brought along our lighting kit to ensure the podium was lit nicely. We also recorded three different sources of audio to make sure we had a clear, clean recording of the full presentation.

The Result

The result was footage that was both dynamic and interesting, and captured the essence of the event. Our client, PABA Media, shared this testimonial about working with our Dream Engine camera crew:

“We had a job coming up for a client – a first time job for a new client, filming a live event, so as you can imagine it was very important for us to know that we were going to capture it properly.
I’d heard about Dream Engine, went and had a look at their work and was really impressed by it. I had a chat with Ryan, really liked his approach and the way he does things, and I booked the guys for the job, and I have to say they were superb.
They knew how to work the room, and get a gauge of what was going on, and capture those elements without much direction from me on the day. Dream Engine really delivered well on that.
I’ve got a client now who is absolutely stoked with the product they got. They thought it really captured the essence of what they are doing, and they’re going to book us for more work.
What I saw in Dream Engine’s work, and what was born out when they did the work for us, is that they are story-tellers and communicators. They know how to communicate what’s going on, they know how to capture an event, and capture a story, and that was a really important part of the criteria of assessing who we work with.
The important thing to think about when hiring a video production company is to not get caught up in things like, “what gear have they got?”, and “how much are they going to charge?” But to actually look at them and understand, “are these people story-tellers and are they communicators?”
Will they be able to capture the essence of what you want?
Dream Engine does that really well.
We’ve used Dream Engine for a few jobs now, and will continue to use them in future.”

Paul Baiguerra, owner, PABA Media.

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