Video Production Crew – Green Screen Video Production: ROIG


The Background

The ROIG group is an American business that works with other companies to help strengthen their business and promote growth. They work with industry leading companies such as Best Buy, Ford, Sony, IBM and many more. ROIG producer, Bill Anderson, was in Australia to work with The Good Guys. He needed to produce interviews with Andrew Muir (The Good Guys Chairman) and Michael Ford (CEO).

ROIG needed to hire a Melbourne based Production Company that they could trust to film a high quality green screen interview.

Pre Production

It was important to have a strong line of communication with Bill to make sure that we knew exactly what he wanted from the interviews, so that we could plan and prepare. Through discussions with Bill he made it clear that he wanted to use a green screen as the background for the interviews so that they would have the flexibility to add a background in post-production.
With extensive experience shooting green screen videos, our camera crew had no trouble preparing for this job. To deliver the best possible footage for the ROIG group to work with, Dream Engine shot the interview on a Sony FS100 recording externally to a NINJA recorder. By using an external recorder we were able to shoot Pro Res HQ with a data rate of 220MB per second. The advantage of this high quality video is that during post production the green screen will be easy to key out. Because the ROIG group were going to be using their own video mixed with the footage shot in Melbourne, Dream Engine shot in NTSC 30p to conform with the American footage.


Filming took place in Airport West at The Good Guys HQ.  We had an exact schedule to follow so that Andrew and Michael could plan the shoot into their busy agendas. Arriving early gave us time to check all the gear, set everything up and make sure that by the time the subjects arrived we only had to make minor adjustments before getting straight underway.
Thanks to our camera crew’s extensive planning, production was straightforward. We packed a full lighting kit, green screen and just a touch of makeup to prevent any shine coming from the faces of our subjects. We used Kino Diva lights as fill and key lights: the advantage of these is they create a soft, even light that is quite flattering on people. We also set up an external monitor so that Bill, the producer, could see exactly what the camera could see and give us his input on the shot. 

The Result

After the filming was complete we copied all the footage from the day onto an external hard drive for Bill to take back to The States. We also made two backups of the footage to stay in Melbourne, one to keep at the Dream Engine offices in St Kilda and one to keep offsite.
So, next time you need to hire a Melbourne camera crew to shoot a green screen interview – don’t hesitate to contact us.