Getting Started With Internal Communication Video


Good internal communication is a key part of any exceptional team. This is because internal communication keeps staff educated, informed, and inspired. With that in mind, it’s not something an expanding company can ignore. It might sound simple, but getting it right and making an engaging video isn’t easy. An internal communication video is a simple and highly engaging way to communicate. This post shows you the best way to incorporate it into your internal communication strategy.  

Why video?

In the past few years, video has become an increasingly popular piece of the toolkit for internal communication. This is because the digital and internet era have finally made it time and cost effective. But more than this, it’s an effective way to communicate. Seeing a message from somebody is far more relatable than reading a group email. Having business results demonstrated through animation is far more engaging than a spreadsheet. With computers, phones and the internet we’ve developed new ways of consuming information and as media companies have responded to this, so have our expectations. Video allows you to meet those expectations and ensure your message is being heard.

See your CEO

Messages from the CEO are becoming increasingly popular for larger companies. It makes total sense because having access to a CEO isn’t particularly easy. A new decision or a change to the business is much easier to accept and support when the message comes from a person rather than from ‘management’. Likewise, a thank you or congratulatory video is far more powerful when it’s coming directly from the person at the head of a company.

Scheduling time to record a message with the CEO doesn’t need to be an ordeal either. Our common approach is to set up video equipment in a board room so that as soon as we’re ready the CEO can walk in at a scheduled time and walk straight out as soon as it’s done. Using an autocue allows a script to be written and approved prior to filming and can save more time in recording. Turning around a time sensitive message is also very achievable. It’s not uncommon for us to release a video next-day or even on the same day as the shoot. Have a flick through this article we wrote if anyone is worried about being on camera. 


Why change our ways?

For most people, change is scary. But video is a great way to convince people about new processes or policies. This is because it allows you to put a face to a decision and humanise it. A piece to camera is a good way to approach this. An interview is also very effective. It allows the decision maker to explain in their own words, why change is necessary and what the thought process was. A human can also set the tone of the message in a way that a written memo cannot. The enthusiasm of a cheerful presenter will rub off on the audience.

Be an Educator

Training is another area of internal communication that can enjoy the benefit of a video. We’ve established that video is more captivating than written text but it also allows you to demonstrate things visually. Complex ideas can be shown as they’re being explained. If the concept doesn’t lend itself to being filmed, you could create animations instead that will get your point across. You could also save on time and costs from staff that need to individually train groups of employees over different time periods or locations. By filming it once, it’s available to everyone whenever they need it. If you want to learn a bit more about training videos, we made this handy video to get you started. 

Improve Your Communication

Team building exercises are a great way of bringing people closer together and boost morale. But using video can maximise their value by reminding employees of a good time they had and also serve as a PR video for new or potential employees. We’ve created a few of these videos that have re-surfaced at end of year celebrations. An internal communication video doesn’t have to be done by a professional video team either, in some instances it makes more sense to do it in house. If you want to learn more about DIY videos then click here. 

If you think the internal communication at your company could be better then I truly believe that video is a cost effective and compelling approach worth considering. To get started planning your own internal communication videos then contact Dream Engine here today.