Case Study Video: International Coach Academy


When the time came for the International Coaching Academy to create an informational piece displaying the value of becoming a coach, they chose a Dream Engine camera crew to bring their vision to life.

The Brief

“To give potential new students an understanding of why enrolling at ICA is the right choice for them, by capturing the atmosphere of our coaching fraternity”

Our camera crew’s approach

Dream Engine shot documentary-style footage, allowing our camera crew to take a deliberate approach in creating a video that felt personal and genuine to the viewer. The brief called for capturing the atmosphere of the coaching fraternity. In order to do this the team used a few different techniques.  The filming process was stress free and casual for the subjects in the video. This was the first step to ensure we came away with footage that felt real and engaging. While interviewing the subjects, we kept things conversational rather than tightly scripted so that the end product would be organic. This authenticity gives weight to the message, it doesn’t feel forced. By explaining to the interviewees what we were doing with our equipment as we did it, it ensured that nothing was distracting or intimidating and there was no interruption to the flow of the conversation. The friendliness of the interviewees isn’t lost in the video and the viewer keeps their full attention on them.

We made sure that our subjects stood out beautifully and naturally in the footage so that visually it matched the genuine tone. Employing lighting to separate the interviewees from the background was integral. Our crew opened the lenses right up on the cameras in order to soften the backgrounds and pull all the focus onto the faces of our subjects. This strengthens the visual connection with the viewer and maintains their full attention. We did our best to make it feel like you’re actually sitting in front of them.

Showing everyday tasks being performed on computers or mobile phones can also be challenging because visually its boring. This is part of everyday life for the International Coaching Academy so we still needed to include it. Making it interesting and maintaining the focus of the viewer can be tricky though. Once again, lighting is important to consider as it can be used to focus the viewer’s eye but also to convey an emotion. Keeping our images bright, colourful and warm was important as it matched the tone of the interviews. The video is positive which encourages the viewer to take action. We also added movement by using the camera on a slider. As with the lighting it plays a part in keeping the video look fresh after staying static on the interviewee.

The Result

The end result was a product that we were proud of and achieved what we set out to do. The ICA team come across as professional and friendly, the kind of team viewers want to work with and be a part of. The client was thrilled with the result that we delivered. We look forward to working with each other in the future.