Creating an Advertising Video Production for an App Company


KeptMe is a web/mobile based app that provides a platform for recording a child’s education as well as providing seamless communication between parents and teachers. Dream Engine were given the challenge to make an advertising video that demonstrated the KeptMe app by telling the story of Jake as he looked back on his journey with KeptMe. Take a look at how we approached the concept and what we came up with.


When we were contacted by the founders of KeptMe, they had an idea of how they wanted to tell their story. With a draft script and some initial sequences planned out, we started work by setting out a clear shot list. By doing this it ensured two things; that on the day of shooting we wouldn’t miss anything and we would work to a set schedule to ensure we would have plenty of time to get what we needed. 

The next step in pre production was to make sure we had what we needed to achieve the clients vision. We wanted to create a cinematic look to this production so that it would  heighten the reflective and emotional tone. By doing this we aim to ensure that the audience is engaged and the message really resonates. To achieve that for this advertising video we wanted to make use of our jib. The jib allows us to smoothly move our camera down or up into a scene. This kind of movement is quite typical of cinema and gives the viewer a sense of being drawn into the world you’re showing them.
Another aspect that has a real influence in creating that cinematic look was lighting. We wanted to create bright, colourful imagery that enforced the uplifting and positive tone of the narrative. We packed a full kit of lighting with a range of lamps for different purposes. Lights that would be soft and flattering on the actors, lights to brighten the background and controlled lamps that highlight elements of a scene to add depth.

On The Day

With a shot list, schedule and two vehicles worth of equipment packed, we hit the ground running at 8AM on shoot day. Having access to great locations made the video really come to life. Being able to shoot young Jake in a real kindergarten ensured that Jake’s performance was genuine and we got some stunning footage. Our camera package of choice was the amazing SonyFS100 recording uncompressed to an Atomos recorder.

Having a dedicated grip for this job made the day run smoothly and to schedule. With an extra set of hands it allowed more time to finesse the lighting setup and cover the action from different angles. We found we were easily working to the schedule we set ourselves so there was no pressure on the actors or the client. and  The end result was a better product and experience for the client, we could repeat shots if necessary, take the time to thoroughly set a scene and keep the mood on set casual.

Post Production

It was great getting into the edit suite to put this advertising video together. Because we knew we had some great looking footage we wanted to get it put together as soon as possible so we could show the client. Every detail is important with this kind of video so we were always in close contact with the client, ensuring that we were achieving their vision. The other thing we needed to do was get the client into the studio to screen record from their iPad so that we could record footage of the app in use. This meant that in the final edit the audience is transitioned between seeing the app in use and then how people interact with it in real life.

Advertising Video Results

We were really pleased with the advertising video that we produced for KeptMe. We achieved what we set out to make and delivered a video that we’re proud of.
“Its very important for us to pitch to our investors because this is our dream. We want to share [the video] with them what we are trying to achieve. Dream Engine helped us make that dream come true.” – Christina Keing,KeptMe co founder.
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