Shooting on Location for Volvo Construction Equipment


We recently completed a 3 day shoot for CWA – a marketing agency based in the UK. Their client, Volvo Construction Equipment wanted to capture a range of customer testimonials in Melbourne. Our camera crew visited a range of construction sites in Melbourne, capturing B-Roll footage of Volvo Construction machines. We also filmed interviews with Volvo customers who spoke of the benefits that Volvo Construction Equipment have brought them. Footage was backed up for the client onto an external hard drive at the completion of each day’s shoot. A copy of the footage was safely stored on our RAID hard drive until the client had returned to the UK with the footage. This method of backing up is something we highly recommend to anyone working with a production company. If footage is only backed up in one place and a drive fails, a bag gets lost or stolen then it could cost the production a lot of time and money.


Mark Brown, Account Manager, CWA

It was a pleasure working with Dream Engine! They were professional in their approach, easy to work with and understood our objectives from the start. As a result, the finished article was exactly what we were looking for. We’d definitely work with Dream Engine again.