Camera Crew Testimonial: Nightingale Communications


Our camera crew has developed relationships with many businesses that require a series of videos over time. Nightingale Communications, a financial and corporate communications company based here in Melbourne, has been an ongoing client for over 5 years.

They have required a camera team to film is media relations and presentation training to give accurate on-camera experience and feedback.
As Nightingale work with senior executives and media relations, confidentiality is paramount. Our camera crew is able to deliver discreet, high quality video productions which is why they have chosen to work with us consistently.
We provide a downloadable copy of each session so that participants can review and revisit their performance, these are sent using a private link and cannot be accessed by anyone else. We also understand the time sensitivity in these videos is an important factor for Nightingale. We therefore provide these download links either on the same day as filming or the next day.
Tim Williamson, a consultant at Nightingale Communications, was able to sit down and give us a short testimonial on what our services have done for him and how it has helped his corporate communications.

If you need a camera crew for ongoing video productions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.