Camera Crew Story: A Videographer’s Audi Experience


The thrill of driving a high performance car is high on the wish-list of many people. The Audi Experience delivers just that. The customer is able to drive a n Audi race car under the guidance of a professional driver.

In 2012, Dream Engine produced a video that channelled all the energy and excitement delivered in The Audi Experience.

The Brief
The brief was simple. Our videographer would create a web video to excite people about The Audi Experience. In order for their audience to really get the feel for what they were going to get from the experience, we needed to show exactly where they were going to get their thrills.
With five-time Bathurst winner Craig Lownes, who was racing in the Australian GT Championships for Audi, sitting down with us and explaining what it feels like to drive on of these amazing cars, we began our shoot.

Speed Cameras
We shot on location on Phillip Island, near Melbourne. We were given all-areas access to the track and were able to get great footage of not only Lownes winning a race from an audience perspective, but also inside the car to convey what it’s like to race inside one of these machines.
We used our FS-100 camera with a variety of high quality lenses to capture beautiful details of the cars that were driven, as well as broadcast quality race footage.
Dream Engine’s signature high quality interview style allowed us to get amazing insight in to driving a high performance Audi around the track, as Craig Lownes explored his passion for the sport and the cars.

We were able to mix high speed footage of the cars, elegant close-up details of the cars and a great interview with Lownes to deliver a video the client was thrilled with and that would make anyone want to try The Audi Experience for themselves.
If you’d like a videographer to capture the excitement and experience of your product or business, please contact Ryan at Dream Engine.